About Purple World Publishing
Purple World Publishing is an independent, boutique publisher, based in New Hampshire, formed by writers with the goal of ensuring that good books of value and interest have an opportunity to get published, in a timely manner.  Because we are writers ourselves, we understand the struggle to become published and the challenges that can come with wading through the publishing industry.  We aim to not only produce amazing books, but to develop working relationships with all of our authors.

The parent press, Purple World Publishing, publishes non-fiction topics that promote peace, tolerance, and cultural understanding.  On rare occasions we may also publish other non-fiction book titles on subjects that promote the greater good, such as health, history, art, education, and environmental issues.  We also publish an annual anthology of
short writing that promotes peace tolerance, and cultural understanding.

Because we believe there a lot of good writers out there, with deserving book projects, we also offer a subsidy publishing option under our imprint Purple Liberty Press.  Purple Liberty is interested in working with authors who have well-written books that fit Purple World Publishing's mission, and who understand that authors must put effort into marketing and selling their books.

Purple Rose Press is another imprint that exclusively publishes romance eBooks with strong story and entertainment value.

Purple World Publishing was founded by author Karen Desrosiers, who currently acts as Publisher and Managing Editor. 
People often ask where the name Purple World Publishing come from.  I'm a travel addict, and I have a large wall map of the world.  As I travel, I color in the map, for each place I visit, with a purple marker.  I have long said that my life goal is to color the world purple.  Most of my other life goals involve writing and publishing.  The name comes from the intersection of these goals.

Careers at Purple World Publishing:
There are no positions open at this time.



Purple World Publishing, PO Box 186, Exeter, NH 03833 - info@purpleworldpublishing.com
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