Non-Fiction Book Proposals and Queries
Purple World Publishing is currently seeking submissions for book length projects.  We publish ONLY non-fiction books that have a social conscience, books on topics that include culture, diversity, peace, and tolerance.  On rare occasion we may accept a book on other topics that foster the greater good, such as environmentalism, education, history, and art.  If you have an idea for a project, we'd love to hear about it.  Keep in mind that our focus is "socially responsible publishing," and we are particularly interested in books that promote the greater good.

We are an independent, boutique publisher, looking to create working relationships with quality writers and global thinkers.  What we can't give you in big name publishing, we can give you in personal attention.  We will work with you to create a book that we can all be proud of.

How to submit your non-fiction book proposal or query:

If you want to send us a query letter, to pitch your idea, you can.  If we like the idea, we'll ask you for a full proposal before deciding if we want to pick up the project or not.  You may want to look over our Tips for Writing a Book Proposal.

You can also skip the query letter and just send us a full proposal, so that we can get right to the business of deciding whether or not to take the project on.  Your non-fiction book proposal should include an overview of the project, annotated table of contents, a sample chapter, your credentials and bio, comparative and competitive titles, a clear explanation of your target market, and your ideas on marketing the book.  Please also tell us, in the overview, how long you think it will take to complete the project and why.  If a lot of research is needed, a preliminary bibliography can be included.  If a lot of photos, graphs, or diagrams will be used, please include a couple examples of each as well.

If you've actually finished writing the book, please still send us the proposal as requested above, with a sample chapter.  However, make sure to note in the cover letter and overview that the book is done, and that no further time is needed for research and writing.  If we're interested, we'll ask you for more chapters or the entire manuscript.

Please take care in writing the sample chapter as this is what will give us the best indication of your ability to write, your grasp of the topic you are proposing, and the tone of the book.  The sample does not have to be the first chapter.  Choose whatever chapter will be most representational of what you're hoping to accomplish with this project.

Also take care to ensure that the entire proposal is put together in a professional manner, clean, well edited, and organized.  This will give us an indication of your work habits.

All submissions must be in English, double spaced, 12-point font, with 1-inch margins on all sides.

Please include a SASE for our reply.  If you would like your materials returned, be sure the SASE is large enough, with the correct postage, for us to do so.  Simultaneous submission are fine, but please let us know in the cover letter.

Proposals should be mailed to Book Acquisitions, PWP, PO Box 186, Exeter, NH 03833.

Note that it is perfectly acceptable to submit to the generic "editor" as our editors often change.  Please do not waste your time trying to find a specific editor name.  If you feel you must use a specific name, please use the managing editor/publisher's name, Karen Desrosiers, but don't forget to write "Book Acquisition" on the envelope.

We do NOT take any email submissions at this time.

Please be patient in waiting for our response.  We aim for under four months to respond, but we're small and very busy, and it can sometimes take longer.  Please do not call to check on the status of a submission.

What to expect:

If we are interested in your book project, but unsure, we may request additional information and/or samples before deciding.

If we decide to pick the project up, we will send you a book contract.  We recommend that you take some time to review the contract, and have a lawyer look at it if you'd like, before deciding to accept our offer.  Should you accept the offer, two signed copies of the contract must be returned to us.  We'll sign them and send one back to you. 

The contract will lay out deadlines and a time table.  We expect authors to meet all deadlines given and to remain in contact with us during the creation process, especially if there are any problems or complications along the way.  We will most likely require drafts and samples throughout the process, so we can see that the project is progressing and give you feedback.  Writers must be open to feedback and the editing process.

As we are a small, independent publisher, we are not able to offer advances at this time.  We will pay authors royalties on all book sales.

We work with the author on the design, layout, and cover of the book.  Being writers ourselves, we know that most authors already have a vision for their book and we want to respect that. 

We also work with authors on the publicity and marketing of your book.  We have a very small marketing budget, and expect all authors to do the majority of the work to publicize their own books.  Remember, we're authors, we've had to market our own books as well.  We'll work with you to come up with ideas, materials, and schedules.  Working as a team, there is a much better chance of the book selling.
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