Purple World Publishing Frequently Asked Questions
Do you accept fiction manuscripts or queries?

Purple World Publishing only publishes non-fiction books that meet our specific mission.  We do not accept manuscripts or queries for book length fiction.  

When submitting to your anthologies, do I need to query first?

No.  When submitting to all of Purple World Publishing's anthologies and journals, please send the completed manuscript.  Be sure to follow the submission guidelines carefully.

If I have a non-fiction book, can I submit the complete manuscript?

No.  We do not accept unsolicited book-length manuscripts.  Please submit a query or book proposal first, even if the manuscript is complete.  If we like the project, we'll request the completed manuscript.  Be sure to follow all of the guidelines for submitting non-fiction book proposals.

Do the deadlines specified for your submissions require the submission to be postmarked or received by the deadline date?

All submissions must be postmarked by the submission deadline.

Where can I find a list of your editorial staff to determine who I should send my query or proposal to?

Right now our editorial staff is small, and we use a lot of talented contractors.  It is perfectly acceptable to send your submission to generic titles, such as "Acquisitions Editor" or "Journal Editor."  If you aren't comfortable with that, as we know it is drilled into authors to have a specific name to address submissions to, feel free to address them to Karen Desrosiers.

How long will it take to get a response on my submission?

We aim for 2 to 4 months, but it sometimes takes a bit longer.  Please be patient with us.

Do you provide feedback or editing when you respond to a submission?

We can not provide feedback or editing suggestions on all of the submissions we receive.  We will only be making editing suggestions if we have already accepted a book project or a piece for one of our anthologies.  Karen Desrosiers, however, does do freelance editing and coaching, and can be hired on an individual basis (all the information is on her website).

Do you give advances with book contracts?

Unfortunately, as we are a small, independent publisher, we are not able to offer advances at this time.  It is our hope we will be able to give advances soon.

Do you buy books outright or pay royalties?

In general, we pay authors royalties on all book sales.  A sales report and royalties will be sent to authors twice a year, after the book has been published for a full six months.   There may be some rare occasions where we decide to buy a book outright, but it's unusual.

If you agree to publish my book, will I have any say in the design, layout, and cover of the book?

Purple World Publishing was founded by writers who have gone through the publishing process and understand what it's like to create a work and then be asked to relinquish control.  We are interested in developing relationships with our authors and work with each author on the design, layout, and cover of the book.  We know that most authors already have a vision for their book.  We respect that and want to honor that, as much as possible.

If you accept my book proposal, will I be required to help market the book?

Yes.  Purple World Publishing has a small marketing budget at this time.  However, even if we had a larger budget, we would expect all authors to help market their own books.  You know your book and audience better than anyone, and you are your own best sales force.  We will work with the author to develop a marketing plan, including readings, signings, and presentations, as well as marketing materials.

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