Purple World Publishing is a boutique publisher, located in New Hampshire.  We publish non-fiction books and anthologies.  Our mission is to publish high-quality books that promote cultural awareness, tolerance, and peace.  We aim to produce books that promote the "greater good."

We are also dedicated to helping authors find an avenue into publication, and to assisting new and overlooked writers realize their dreams to become published.  Established by writers, it is our aim to find other writers that we can partner with, work closely with, and have a close, rewarding relationship with.

We plan to make an impact, to improve life through our books, and to help others do the same.
This page was last updated: July 9, 2011
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Purple World Publishing, PO Box 186, Exeter, NH 03833 - info@purpleworldpublishing.com
After a few false starts and bumps in the road, we are back on the road again. 

We've made a number of changes to the website, as well as our guidelines and procedures.  Please take a thorough look at all our information to see what is new and current.

We have two new publishing avenues coming soon:

Purple Liberty Press     Subsidy publishing services designed by writers to help
    writers get their books into print. 

Purple Rose PressPublisher of Romance eBooks for everyday with a focus on
    story and entertainment.

Purple Rose Press is now accepting submissions.  Go to Purple Rose Submission
Guidelines for information on submitting a romance eBook.
Writing Challenge

Check for our monthly writing challenge.  The top three (3) submissions
will be published on our website each month.
July contest is now open