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Purple Liberty Press is the subsidy publishing branch of Purple World Publishing.  We are writers on a mission to help others writers usher their books into publication.  There are a lot of good writers with great books to share, and the current publishing industry just can's support everyone.  Purple Liberty is a real world solution that allows writers to get their book into print without giving up all their rights.

Why choose Purple Liberty Press?
We're writers, so we understand what you put into your book, the hopes, fears, sweat, excitement, and sleepless nights.

We maintain a very high standard of quality for all of our books, and treat all books the same.

We won't force you into services you don't want, or charge you for services you don't need.

We will work with you on the production of your book, not dictate or make demands.

Our prices are competitive, and we try to remain affordable, while getting our own bills paid.

While we're a small press, we have an extensive list of contacts and have some amazing contractors working with us.

You get the service of a bigger press, with the attention and personal touch of a smaller press.
New and News
Find out what's new and where we've been in the news...  Purple Liberty News
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