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Submission Guidelines

We are always on the look out for stories with compelling characters and a lot of romance.  We want to see a plot and character development, clean writing, and an entertaining story.  We are open to most types of romance, including historical, contemporary, mystery/suspense, erotic, little/no sex, paranormal, and fantasy.


For all queries please email the following information, as attached Microsoft Word or PDF files, to rose@purpleworldpublishing.com

  • Cover letter - Include your name, the title of the manuscript, type of romance you consider it to be, and the approximate length.  Note if this is a simultaneous submission.
  • Synopsis of entire story, including the climax and resolution
  • First 3 chapters of the novel

Make sure you edit everything very carefully and use standard style and formatting guidelines, as this is our first and possibly only indication of how you can write and how professional your work practices are. 

If we are interested in your book, we will request a complete copy of the manuscript.

We are an eBook publisher.  All submissions must be electronic and will not be accepted via paper mail.  Submission via paper mail will be recycled and will not receive a response.

We work with our authors on final revisions and editing of your manuscript, and expect all authors to be open and cooperative through this process.  We are writers and know what goes in to making a quality book.  

If we want to publish your book, we will offer a publishing contract.  We are a full service publisher, and pay authors standard royalty fees.  When possible, we may offer a small advance against royalties, though we are not always able to do so.  The author is not charged for any part of the formatting, editing, or publishing process.

We will consider dark, controversial, unusual, and experimental works.  However, we will NOT consider any of the following:
  • Sexual violence, incest, rape, and snuff
  • Anything sexual that involves children
  • Bestiality (except involving imaginary creatures, such as werewolves)
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